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Dalton Quigley Sr. on WSM 650 AM radio talking about landscape design.

A history of loving and sharing what makes a space authentic.

Born in Algiers Louisiana and raised in the New Orleans area Dalton had an upbringing full of great food, and long hot summer days spent in the swamp and woodlands. All of His life he went from space to space wondering why does he feel so great in a particular place and what elements make up that experience.
In college he grew a lawn and landscape service and began to buy books on turf, insects, diseases, and fungus he was dealing with in the environment. He loved serving my clients with annual color plantings and small projects. He bought book after book studied, built, and experimented. At any one point He is reading 3 or more books. He went to work for a Landscaper who taught me much for a period. Starting his business again made him feel like he had so much excitement and knowledge to offer. He learned about focal points, destinations, site lines, elevation, drainage, stone and many more materials and He loves plants with rich textures, colors, and smells. He noticed his dream coming true as his spaces became more authentic and rich.

Hurricaine Katrina came along in 2005 on his wedding anniversary night August 28 which ruined their home. They moved to Franklin TN for a year while they repaired and sold their home. They eventually purchased in TN which they love very much and their services grew to design. On his evenings he got a degree in web graphics and blended his ever expanding landscape knowledge with graphics for the public as a service. One of his sons began to develop a love for all things graphics and landscape and over the years this now adult son assists in every design. As a team they have performed hundreds of landscape designs. They know how to create that feeling you get when things are just right in a space. To date they have helped several celebrities and hundreds of other clients. At Quigley’s Landscaping / 3DLandscapeDesigners.com typical client wants an overall goal for how they use and experience a piece of land. We spend time in research for every client and to date have designed spaces to be similar to Norway, Hawaii, Japan, England, and France. The authenticity of your space is paramount. Call us to start your journey into the perfect space for you 615-715-8216.

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