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Landscape Design Site Options:


Front or Back only.

When you order you will have to choose either
Front Yard or Back Yard for a 1/4 acre property. The pricing may apply to a property up to 1/2 acre in some circumstances. Total $550 and up.

Option 2.

Whole property.

This pricing is for a 1/4 acre lot with a home under 2500sq ft, no pool, and not on an overly sloped site. For larger pieces of property, or properties with pools and on sloped sites we will have to give you a custom estimate for pricing. This can easily be done by phone. We need you to email us some photos: You will need to email us 5 photos of the area, up close and far away from different angles at the email address listed above. If you choose the whole property design we will need at least 10 images and possibly more. Total – $750 and up.

Option 3.

Video Fly Throughs.

You can return to the cart to select a video fly through of the landscape design for an additional fee. Total $150

Option 4.

Night Time Outdoor Lighting Images

You also have the option to select having outdoor lighting applied to your home in the images. Now you can see what it would look like to have professional lighting added to your home before spending the money.

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How to get pricing

All prices stated are averages, the way to get an estimate for your design is to contact us by phone for a personalized quote.
Phone 615-715-8216